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Pre-Owned Lava Me 3 36" Electro-Acoustic - Space Grey w/ Space Bag

Pre-Owned Lava Me 3 36" Electro-Acoustic - Space Grey w/ Space Bag

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Ground control to Major Tom...

The Lava Me 3 has been turning heads in the shop since it's arrival and it's clear why. An Electro-Acoustic guitar built from carbon fibre, with it's own bluetooth and wifi, effects, a tuner, looper and practice features all built in - as appreciators of traditional guitars it would be safe to say that we were sceptical at first. 

We had lengthy debates about whether this was just a gimmick or a genuinely cutting-edge contemporary guitar. However, after lots of playing and experimenting, it did not disappoint and we couldn't put it down! Without any effects, the guitar itself sounds absolutely amazing. We could have (and did) messed around with the effects for hours and hours. It's a lot of fun, whilst being a well made, great sounding, innovative instrument and it's absolutely one that you need to try out for yourself.

There's tonnes of effects to experiment with through the Multi-touch display (integrated with HILAVA Operating System) and we particularly enjoyed the loop feature which was super simple to use, and quickly developed songs which we shared to the Lava+ for tracks to get discovered - very cool! We found that the tuner, metronome and looper all worked efficiently and continued to be surprised by it's accuracy and quality. The fact that it can do so much without being plugged into an amp or power supplies really simplifies making music and if you're looking for something to get you out of a musical funk - this could be it!

It's in fantastic condition with barely any signs of use whatsoever. No signs of fret wear, and no scratches or scuffs. It's incredibly comfortable to play, as it's weighs just 4lb 7oz!

Original Space bag included along with charging cable and Lava plectrums.

Specs include:

  • Fretboard: High-Pressure Laminate
  • Frets: 18
  • Bridge Material: Glass Fibre Composite
  • Pickup: L3 Smart with Freeboost 2.2 Technology
  • Scale Length: 23.5"
  • Nut Width: 1.69"

Hippo Health-Check:

  • Overall: 9.9/10
  • Electrics: Work perfectly with no unwanted crackles or noise. 
  • Frets: 9.9/10
  • Weight: 4lb 7oz

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