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JSA Effects X Hippo Guitars Limited Edition Hippohotamus Overdrive Pedal

JSA Effects X Hippo Guitars Limited Edition Hippohotamus Overdrive Pedal

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🎉 One year of Hippo Guitars anniversary pedal! 🎉

To celebrate our first year of business we've teamed up with the incredibly talented JSA Effects to bring you a limited edition overdrive pedal - the Hippohotamus.

This limited-colour run of 10 pedals is JSA's "Hot Toddy" overdrive with a Hippo colour twist. Simon from JSA lent us a standard Hot Toddy to see if we'd like to make any changes and frankly - there's not a single thing we'd change.

It takes a lot for us to be truly impressed by an overdrive pedal - in such a saturated (ba-dum-tsch) market there has to be something special about it to make it stand out.

The Hippohotamus sounds familiar, but somehow better. We personally love it and think you will too.

We couldn't think of a better person to work with, or an overdrive pedal we'd be more proud to put our name next to.

Only 10 available so get them whilst they're hot(amus).

Specifications & Description from JSA Effects:

Built around two discrete op amps, the "Hot Toddy" produces beautifully clear and full low gain drive sounds that maintain your guitars natural tone and, equally as important, your playing dynamics & feel. The passive two band EQ is incredibly powerful, yet beautifully smooth, allowing you to really carve the tone to perfection. It also works extremely well for both guitar and bass! The gain ranges from crystal clean boost through touch sensitive edge-of-breakup, to a harmonically rich medium gain drive

"What is a discrete op amp?" You know those black microchip things you see in a lot of guitar pedals? Those are called Intergrated Circuits (IC) and under the black plastic hood are complete, often large and complex circuits, made up of microscopic components. One of those circuits is the Operational Amplifier (Op Amp) and in the 80s the fine folks at Boss figured out how to build a stripped down op amp using three full size transistors. The resulting sounds were more open, less compressed, and responded better to playing dynamics. They're at the core of the highly revered Boss Bluesdriver BD2 and a few other boss pedals

All the usual JSA standards apply - pedalboard friendly, hand painted 1590BS enclosure (the same small footprint as a regular 1590b – EHX nano size – but slightly taller than a 125b – EQD/Walrus Audio size) with comfortable fitting top mounted jacks, high quality components, true bypass footswitching, hand built from scratch by one man and his cat in the heart of the UK.

Thank you to all of our amazing customers for making our first year a wonderful one xx

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